Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hello All! I apologize that there haven't been any posts, but being a teacher, my ability to travel right now is a little lacking. HOWEVER, I do have a few things in the works that I am trying to put together and get moving in the right direction. You can never let a job get in the way of traveling, even if it's just for a weekend or whatever...

So, since my best friend Jen, whom I have been visiting Portland with in the fall of the past two years, is now in PT school and busy as hell, I've got to decide if I want to find some other sucker to experience Portland with me. My hope is to go at the end of October, just for a long weekend.

If Portland doesn't work out, I may look into something like Boston, somewhere I've never been. Seems like it would be great in the fall and realistic in 2-3 days, just to get the overview and the feel.

With the holidays coming up, I would also like to get out and ski somewhere good, possibly over New Year's...I coach basketball, so that limits my days during winter break, but I'm determined to make the most of it somehow!

Spring Break is still up in the air. There are infinite possibilities, but it also depends on my new MIBA program and when they want to start classes. BOO! But it's just as important to keep educating we shall see what I can work around:) Nothing stops me completely!

Next summer. This all depends on how things go at work this year and if I decide to make the big move to "elsewhere-ville". I've been talking about moving for a couple of years now and I'm getting my finances and everything in order to be able to do so. Obviously, I still want to take a big trip this summer, which I will budget for either way, but it also may be a one-way ticket to Europe with a couple of suitcases and my dog...who knows?!

With all of that in mind, I will be updating when trips come about, I promise!! And if any of you have suggestions on places to go, I'm based out of Chicago for distance reference, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment and give me your suggestions and recommendations!

Thank you for reading and staying with me!! Take care and travel much!

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