Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to Meg's Blog!

I'm so excited to finally get started on this blog! I have so many things to share and I hope that everyone enjoys hearing my stories, some of which may not be suitable for younger viewers, but were and still are entertaining, in my opinion. I've traveled quite a bit, but not near as much as I hope to. Frankly, traveling is expensive and although I spend every last dime doing so, I just don't have enough dimes...

I want to put some of my older trips and pictures up as I get this thing going and then hopefully by the time spring break rolls around and I hit the road again, I'll be up-to-date and able to share some real time adventures. I don't have any major plans for break, but a trip to Colorado to visit my dad and then a weekend in Vegas with the girls will definitely get me prepared for the upcoming summer, during which I plan to make my way around this great country as far as my last dollar will take me.

My goal with traveling really comes back to the passion that I have for it. I've always been an explorer of sorts, asking lots of questions and always wanting to know more. I love to learn about people and cultures different from my own and I have found that attempting to "live like the locals" has given me the best experiences and memories. My family always took road trips when I was growing up and because my dad was a history teacher, we heard all of the stories behind everything that we were looking at. I feel so fortunate to have had those experiences, even though I was stuck in a mini-van for two weeks with my smelly little brothers! When I was in high school, I spent two weeks in France, which is what really peaked my interest. From there, I started making big plans for my future and I'm proud to say that over the past 8-10 years, I've been making those dreams come true.

As I travel, I take hundreds of pictures. I plan on sharing many of those through this forum as well and I hope that they inspire at least one person to get out and try something new! So good luck to everyone who is finding their passion for travel and if you have any unique ideas of which corner of the earth is worth exploring next, please let me know! I plan to go everywhere eventually, but it's a long list!

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  1. What a wonderful passion to have. Safe journeys ! Looking forward to traveling vicariously through your pics ;)