Thursday, March 22, 2012

MIlan, Italy

With the last day of Kim’s trip upon us (I was continuing on without her from here), we got up at 9am and headed out into the city of Milan to check it out for the day. It was the last day of the trip with Kim and we wanted to make the most of it. Well, those were good intentions, but we didn’t get out of bed until 11am. Oh well, we needed the rest and we both felt refreshed after getting ready and heading out of the hotel by noon. We went straight towards the city center in hopes of finding a good meal for lunch. We found a small tobacco shop that had some decent lasagna and carbonara. After eating, we hit up some of the more famous piazzas and the Duomo, and then headed towards the Castello. We had some great pictures and we were enjoying the day, although we could have done without many of the tourists. The inside of the Duomo was gorgeous and huge, as expected.
When we got to the Castello, we found the hop-on/off bus and decided one more time would be great. So we spent the next 3 hours being shown random things around Milan, most of which were pretty boring and didn’t need to be discussed. When we got off of the second bus, we grabbed some gelato and hit up some local shops. With nothing to buy, we went back towards the Duomo and galleria where they had a wood-oven pizza restaurant. We split a pizza and had a glass of wine. While we were sitting there, we heard a bunch of music and saw people running through the galleria, realizing quickly that Milan was having it’s gay pride parade. We ate quickly and ran out into the festivities. It was a blast!! Not as good as in Chicago, but it was a ton of fun and they didn’t hold back with anything!! We danced and took pictures and watched the parade for about an hour.
After the excitement of the parade, we headed towards Maria Del Grazzia, where we were going to see the last supper. We stopped for a glass of wine to pass the time, where we spent the last of our Euro:(
The Last Supper was amazing. It was huge and took up an entire wall. The best part about the tour was that we were told about the intentions of the painting and why each person was depicted as shown. The painting was fading, but still very visible. It had just undergone a 21 year restoration to remove any newer paints that had attempted to improve the work. We basically saw it in it’s original form. It was beautiful, sometime that most people will never get to see. I would go again if I had the chance, but I would recommend to everyone that I know, that they go and see this masterpiece for themselves. (You have to get tickets far in advance to see this painting. It is a very popular attraction, and they only allow a limited number of people inside. It won’t be available for much longer, so if you get the chance, get to Milan and get your tickets! It’s worth the 60 Euros).

After the tour, it was getting late and we had an hour walk back to the hotel. We took a few night photos of the Duoma and Castello and made our way back to the hotel. We split a bowl of pasta and a piece of chocolate cake before packing our suitcases and calling it a night. Another long successful day under our belts. Despite all of the BS and craziness that came towards the end of the trip, everything turned out okay and we had an amazing time together. It was sad to think that it was over:(

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