Friday, July 6, 2012

Road Trip Day 8: Las Vegas, NV

Today, we got up bright and early (well maybe not bright, it actually looked like it might rain at Zion) to make our drive to Las Vegas. We hadn’t showered in almost 5 days, so we were excited to get on the road and have hot water and soap!

We took route 9 to I-15, which leads straight to Vegas in a short period of time. I have to say, that of all the roads that I have driven (and that’s been many), the section of I-15 that goes through the Virgin River Gorge is probably the best driving scenery I’ve ever witnessed. High canyon walls, colored rock, winding roads, and hills…it was awesome! It only lasted for about 11 of the 29 miles that you are in Arizona at that point, but it’s worth checking out if you like scenic drives.

Blu Pool at Bally's
With the time change, we rolled into Vegas a little before 9:00am. We went straight to Bally’s checked-in and got a room. The lady probably looked at us and realized how bad we needed to shower, so there was no hesitation in giving us a room right away! We headed upstairs and proceeded to take the longest showers of our lives. We had dirt in places that you definitely shouldn’t and our hair…should I really mention that it could stay in ponytail form on it’s own, with no hair tie? Gross…but the showers were amazing and it was time to head to the pool. Yay! Fun in the sun and no timetable to keep.

The “Blu Pool” at Bally’s was cool. Not huge, but enough space to spread out, good service, and not too many kids. It was easy to find chairs in the sun and we plopped ourselves next to a smaller pool so that we could jump in easily when necessary. And it was necessary within 30 minutes. That sun was hot! Overall, we hung out for about 4 hours, had a couple drinks, and headed in to shower again and get ready to go out for the night.

Jen at Sin City Brewing
Me at Sin City Brewing
We wanted to check out Sin City Brewing, which was at the Flamingo. There are a couple of locations, but this was the closest. We also wanted to grab a snack since we had only shared a sandwich for lunch. We met some new friends at the bar, but there was no food…and when it came time to leave because we had bought tickets for a show, we were a little hungry…oh well.

We headed to Paris to see a comedy show with Aisha Tyler. It was awesome! Her opener was a guy named Ari who has performed on Logo before. (Sorry I can’t remember his last name!) The show was great and so were the buckets of beer that we went through…but by then end, we were starving, and a little beyond tipsy. But we’re in Vegas right?!

At Paris with Aisha Tyler and Ari
Bally's bc I'm a dork
We then headed to Harrah’s where there is a restaurant Jen wanted to check out called KGB (Kerry’s Great Burgers). We got there and there weren’t too many people in the restaurant, but there was a wait. This was a little annoying. We finally get seated and service was slow. It was hard to get a refill on your water (yes, we changed our drinks at that point), and you couldn’t ever find a server when you wanted one. The food was solid. We had mac n’ cheese sticks and then each ordered a burger. The burger was great, big and juicy, lots of toppings, but the service sucked and people who came in after us were being served way ahead of us. For a good burger, yes…for everything else with the service from the hostess to the servers, absolutely NOT!
My new friend Tonto
The strip, kind of...after a few drinks?

At this point, we were both a little irritated, full, but irritated, so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Probably good at this point because we are heading to San Diego tomorrow!! Viva Las Vegas!

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